Allo, I need your help.

This is a collaborative design project. I am looking for ideas and solutions on what to do with all the donated plastic water bottles after they have been used. Do you know what to do with them, please tell me!

The premise for this project.

Lately, Flint has been yesterday’s news. While I am conscious of the present, I also want look toward the future. What will happen to the millions of donated plastic water bottles after they have been used?

How many bottles have been donated so far? 6 million? 8 million? 10 million? 12 million?

A viable solution to the problem is needed soon, since the model of donating free water bottles to the residents of Flint is not a sustainable solution. They are numerous long term ecological effects.

Infographic Infographic Infographic


Do you have any ideas about a solution? Do you want to share facts about the issue? Just send me an email.

facts and references

All facts and references are public domain information. You can find more facts on The Water Project, Ban the Bottle and Water Counter.

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Guy-Serge Emmanuel